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There are a lot of viruses out there. But some aren't really out there at all. Virus hoaxes are more than mere annoyances, as they may lead some users to routinely ignore all virus warning messages, leaving them vulnerable to a genuine, destructive virus. Next time you receive an urgent virus warning message, be sure to check the list of known virus hoaxes below.

Remember: Never open an email attachment unless you know what it is—even if it's from someone you know and trust.

Virus writers can use known hoaxes to their advantage. For example, AOL4FREE began as a hoax virus warning. Then somebody distributed a destructive Trojan horse attached to the original hoax virus warning! The lesson is clear: remain vigilant and never open a suspicious attachment.

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Recent Threats Information with name type risk date discovered
!!?UNAVAILABLE!? Mobile Phone Hoax
!0000 Hoax
48 Hours Hoax
A Moment Of Silence Hoax
A Post Card from a Family Member Hoax
A Virtual Card For You Hoax
ACE-? Mobile Phone Hoax
All Seeing Eye hoax
America Online FlashNews Hoax
Anticristo Hoax
AOL 83 Minutes hoax
AOL Instant Message Hoax
AOL Riot hoax
AOL4FREE Hoax or What?
Baby New Year Hoax
Badtimes Hoax
Big Brother hoax
Black in the White House Hoax
Blueman hoax
Bud Frogs Screen Saver Hoax
Bugslife Screensaver Hoax
California.IBM hoax
Cat-Colonic hoax
CELCOM Screen Saver
Dana hoax
Deeyenda Hoax
Despite Hoax
Disney Hoax
Economic Slow Down Hoax
Family Pictures Hoax
Flashmaster G
Free flight Hoax
Friends Hoax
Frogs and Fishes Hoax
Funprog hoax
Ghost.exe Hoax
Girl Thing hoax
Girls of Playboy Hoax
Good Times Hoax
Got You Hoax
Great Gas-Out Hoax
Guts to Say Jesus hoax
Happy New Year Hoax
ICE Virus Mobile Phone Hoax
Intel Special Offer Hoax
Internet Flower hoax
Iraq War Hoax
Irina Hoax
Jdbgmgr.exe hoax
Join The Crew Hoax
Kleneu66 hoax
La Bible Des Moines Hoax
Let's Watch TV Hoax
Life is beautiful hoax
LOC Hoax
Lump of Coal
Macmebig hoax
Manicomium Hoax
Milk Carton Bug
Missing Child Hoax
MusicPanel HOAX
New York Big Dirt
Nokia Screensaver hoax
Olympic Torch Hoax
Osama Hanged
Osama vs Bush Hoax
Payback Hoax
Penpal Hoax
Pikachus Ball hoax
Pokemon hoax
Pool Party email hoax
Sandman URL hoax
St.Patrick's Day Hoax
Tax Return Hoax
T-virus Mobile Phone Hoax
Valentine Greeting Hoax
W32.MFG.Tassos@mm Hoax
W32.Torch hoax
Welcome to the Matrix Hoax
Win a Holiday Email Hoax
Windows 98 Warning Hoax
Work Hoax
WTC Survivor Hoax
XALAN Mobile Phone Hoax
Your friend D@fit
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