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Tips to Protect against Losing Personal Data Off Your PC

Data Loss Prevention Articles
Data Loss Prevention


What is data loss?

Data loss refers to the loss or leakage of confidential data, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, health records, and financial information.

Why is it a problem?

Personal computers are a treasure chest of information. Much of the data stored on an individual's computer is extremely personal and if it makes its way into the wrong hands could be abused and cost the owner financially as well as emotionally.

What can I do to protect myself from data loss?

This is a question that we have thought about a lot lately at McAfee while developing our new McAfee® File Lock File Protection software - an innovative approach to data and information security that allows consumers to safely store their information in secure "digital vaults." With a few clicks of a mouse, computer users can easily encrypt their data and move or copy files into a password protected vault. So, even if their computer is stolen or hacked, their critical information is inaccessible. This not only protects users from financial loss and identity theft, it also guarantees the highest level of privacy.

Staying Protected with McAfee

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Invest in software that encrypts your files.
Because two million laptops are stolen annually, there's no guarantee that all the information on these missing computers won't fall into the wrong hands. If all the files on these computers were encrypted, then chances are the information...
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