Data Loss Prevention

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The Importance of Online and Offline PC Protection


Don’t use your Social Security number as a universal ID

Today, computer theft and data loss are growing problems for consumers as well as businesses, small to large. As more and more of our important documents, personal information and financial data are stored on computers, our diligence has to improve and security solutions have to evolve to provide better protection or we risk losing some or all of it to criminals, competitors, enemies or others who should not have access.

If you have any doubts about the need for being proactive about protection against computer and data theft/loss, consider the following eye-popping statistics:

  • Two million laptops are stolen annually1
  • 1 in 10 laptops are stolen2
  • 97% of stolen computers are never recovered3
  • Every two seconds someone’s identity is stolen4, making identity theft the number one crime in America5
  • The chances of becoming an online victim are 1 out of 46

Preventative Measures Must Be Taken

Clearly, if consumers want to avoid inflating these frightening numbers, they will need to take preventive measures both online and off.

  • When not in use, consider storing your computer in a cupboard or closet, under lock and key.
  • If you are traveling with a laptop in your car, always lock it in your trunk, out of sight. You also may want to consider subscribing to a computer recovery service like Lojack.
  • You should think about protecting the data that’s contained in your PC. Consider purchasing McAfee Anti-Theft  - a unique solution that creates a “virtual vault” within your PC that can only be opened using a password that you create. This software allows you to secure personal and financial information so that it cannot be accessed online by hackers or offline by computer thieves.

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