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Friends Don't Spam Friends

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What is a fram?

Fram is spam that is forwarded to you by a family member, friend or colleague that is cutesy, dopey, sappy, but rarely truly funny, interesting, or "awesome."

Why is it a problem?

Fram is rarely appreciated and only serves to take up time to handle and takes up space within an individual's email box. In a worse case scenario, forwarded spam may contain viruses, spyware, or some other form of malware.

What can I do to control fram?

Forward responsibly. Don't be a frammer. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Then hit the delete button. Just don't forward spam.


Featured Safety Tip:

Do your home work before you fram…
You don't want to forward complete garbage. Do a little research. Start with the subject line and see if what comes up…If terms like “urban legend" or “hoax" are in the results, you probably shouldn't forward the email. If the terms...
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