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Best and Worst Examples


Below are examples of the kind of fram that drives most people crazy.

Example #1

Money Angel

Money Angel

This is a money angel.

Pass it to 6 of your good friends or family and be rich in 4 Days.

Pass it to 12 of your good friends or family and be rich in 2 Days.

I am not joking. You will find an unexpected windfall.  If you delete it, you will beg. Trust me!!!

Example #2

Subject line: FW: Awesome Photo

Cute Animals

Example #3

Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008, 10:05 PM

Read carefully...
To all of my friends, I do not usually forward messages, But this is from my friend and she really is an attorney. If she says that this will work - It will work. After all, what have you got to lose?

SORRY EVERYBODY.. JUST HAD TO TAKE THE CHANCE!!! I'm an attorney, And I know the law. This thing is for real. Rest assured AOL and Intel will follow through with their promises for fear of facing a multimillion-dollar class action suit.

Dear Friends: Please do not take this for a junk letter. Bill Billionaire is sharing his fortune. If you ignore this, You will repent later. He owns one of the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that his company remains the most widely, they are running an e-mail beta test.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, their company will pay you $245.00 For every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, he will pay you $243.00 and for every third person that receives it, You will be paid $241.00. Within two weeks, the company will contact you for your address and then send you a check.

Thought this was a scam myself, But two weeks after receiving this e-mail and forwarding it on. Microsoft contacted me for my address and within days, I received a check for $24,800.00. You need to respond before the beta testing is over. If anyone can afford this, Bill Billionaire is the man…

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