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Q. - What is fram?

Fram is spam, forwarded to you by family, friends and colleagues. More often than not, what you will find this junk email sickeningly sweet, ridiculously dopey or just plain sappy. It is rarely funny, inspiring or "awesome." Many consider it a huge waste of time and potentially harmful.

Q. - How can we stop fram?

Simple. Just hit delete. By not forwarding this tripe, you are not spreading fram. Don’t be a frammer.

Q. - How can I help the frammers in my life?

McAfee offers a 12-Step Frammer Recovery Program that will help stop fram from spreading. Learn more.

Q. - How can I tell if I’m a frammer?

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think a mouse riding on the back of a cat or dog is hilarious?
  • Do you feel compelled to share patriotic video montages with everyone you know?
  • Do you believe that bad luck is drawn to those who breaks an email chain letter?
  • Do you laugh at loud at emails that begin with the words, “You may be a redneck if…”
  • Do you actually believe that people will not pump any gas on a specific day if you send them an email asking them to band together in boycott?

If you answered "yes" to at least three of these questions, you may be a frammer.
Get help now.

Q. – Are there any tips for getting someone to stop framming?

Of course, that’s what this web site is all about. Check it out here.

Q. - Is there any fram data, stats or facts?

Sure. Check it out here.

Q. – Has a frequent frammer ever confessed?

Yes and no waterboarding was involved. Check it out here.

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