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Everyone knows that one of the biggest problems with the Internet and email is spam. As defined by McAfee experts, spam is unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages.

Making matters worse, are people who forward spam to the individuals in their personal online network. McAfee calls this unnecessary email “fram.” It is a major nuisance for many, filling up inboxes, slowing down networks, and cutting into the enjoyment of electronic and instant communication.

Something needs to be done since few of us have the heart or desire to put personal friends and family members on an email “black list.” If every email the “black listed frammer” sends us goes directly into the "Spam” or “Junk" folder, there is a good chance we will miss an important email that is not spam and that we really want to see.

McAfee, a leader in innovation and online security, has a few suggestions. First and foremost, is to start with education. If you inform most people that the forwarding of spam is not appreciated, most will stop this bad habit. It can be difficult to ask someone to stop framming you, but if direct them to, it can start the discussion about the problem and lead to a resolution.

Another angle you can pursue is to set up your email filters to automatically send messages that begin with “FW” or “Fwd” in the subject line, directly to a trash folder or junk file. With McAfee security software products with spam filter, you can go into the control console and click on the “Advanced” button when configuring protection for “Email and Instant Messaging.” There you can calibrate the software using the “personal filters” options to re-direct fram to its own folder, isolating it from your regular, important email.

The best solution remains with emailers who forward responsibly.

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