Do You Know What Your Digital Assets are Worth?


Summer 2013 — Security News and Advice

Just take a quick look around you, and there’s little doubt that we’ve become addicted to our devices. We use them for work and play, to socialize, shop, and store memories.

In fact, in a recent survey we found that over half of consumers spend an average of 15 hours a week on their digital devices for personal use alone – that’s more than two hours a day. And, according to our survey, one device is no longer enough. We discovered that 87% of consumers worldwide own more than one digital device, and 60% own three or more!

These devices hold an incredible amount of our personal information, including our contacts, photos, entertainment, and even website login and password details. And here’s a fact that may surprise you: globally, we store an average of over $35,000 worth of assets on our devices, including over $17,000 in personal memories, and more than $4,000 in career information.

Losing these assets could be troublesome, especially given that 55% of consumers say that many of their digital files would be impossible to re-create, re-download or re-purchase.

But despite the fact that we know our devices hold information that we can’t do without, 28% of consumers worldwide still don’t have comprehensive security software installed on all their devices, and two-thirds of us fail to protect our smartphones and tablets. However, 72% of consumers say they are concerned with online identity theft, monetary theft and fraud.

This indicates that users know the risks, but aren’t taking steps to protect themselves. Given how much we rely on our devices, and how much we have to lose, this could be a big mistake. Keep in mind that while companies like McAfee are doing their best to protect consumers against a wide range of security threats, online attacks continue to escalate, especially those aimed at mobile devices.

That’s why it’s important to know the risks, and how to stay safe. Follow these important tips to protect your devices and the valuable information they contain:

  • Make sure to password protect all of your devices, and use a screen lock on your mobile devices to keep strangers from accessing your data
  • Backup your devices on a regular basis so you have copies of your digital assets in the case of theft or loss
  • Don’t set your online accounts to automatically log you in. Manually log in during each visit, so no one can gain access to your account information.
  • Don't share your passwords or devices with others
  • Use comprehensive security software on all your devices that includes virus and malware protection, a two-way firewall and safe search tools. A product like McAfee All Access can help you protect all of your devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, all through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Chances are we will continue to rely on our digital devices, and our digital assets will grow. Get into the habit of protecting them now. Take a little time to review the above tips, and share them with your family and friends.

Do You Know What Your Digital Assets are Worth?

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