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Holiday 2009 – Security Insights

You probably know it’s important to back up your computer files. Yet if you’re like most people, you probably don’t do it.

At McAfee, we often wonder why more people aren’t persuaded by all the compelling reasons to back up. After all, 10% of all hard drives fail each year. The cost of trying to recover the data can exceed $7,500. And even then, recovery is not guaranteed. Just imagine losing your ongoing work projects, critical financial documents, and irreplaceable photos, videos, emails, and more.

Now you can avoid all that—effortlessly, securely, and without compromise.

New! McAfee® Online Backup

McAfee Online Backup easily and safely protects all your digital files and memories, and provides anywhere, anytime access. Is it the right backup solution for you?

  1. No hassle—Back up your files without lifting a finger. McAfee Online Backup is fully automated so you can install it and then forget it. The software saves all your files, including email contacts and messages, whether they are open or closed. And because it backs up only new or changed files after the initial backup, it’s fast.
  2. Never-ending capacity—You’ll never run out of storage and never need to buy more because you get unlimited capacity.
  3. Completely secure—Your files are totally safe from prying eyes because they’re encrypted both during the backup process and again while in storage.
  4. Fail-proof—Your digital memories and critical documents are always available with our secure, remote server-based storage. It won’t wear out, crash, get lost or stolen, or succumb to a virus or a disaster.
  5. Easy to access—You can retrieve your files from any high-speed Internet-enabled computer, not just your home PC. That means you always have access—anytime, anywhere.

More Information?

To find out more about the backup solution that offers everything you want at a very affordable price, click here.

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