Identity Theft is Coming Your Way—Are You Ready?


Holiday 2009 – Security Insights

Just how serious a problem is identity (ID) theft in the United States? The numbers tell the tale.

  1. The number of victims in 2008, according to a Federal Trade Commission estimate: 9 million Americans, and that number is expected to climb in 2009.1
  2. Total monetary damages in 2008: $48 billion2
  3. Average cost to victims: Almost $5,0003
  4. Average time spent repairing the damage: 58 hours if an existing account was involved and 165 hours if a new account was created4

No one is 100% safe from ID theft. But what exactly does your risk look like?

The McAfee® Identity Theft Risk Assessment Tool will help you recognize aspects of your online and offline environment and behavior that are putting you at risk for identity theft and take simple steps to remedy them. At the end of the process, you’re provided with an assessment of your risk of ID theft and recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Check your risk profile now!

ID Theft is a Very Serious Business

When someone takes your personally identifying information—your name, Social Security number, and bank account numbers, for example—and uses it to commit fraud, you’re a victim of identity theft.

The particular fraud may harm you beyond any immediate financial losses. Your reputation, credit rating, ability to access health care, and more may all be compromised or erased. Because thieves are rarely caught and you may not be able to actually prove the fraud, undoing the damage can be challenging.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

There are many simple precautions you can take to begin protecting yourself and your family almost immediately—from leaving your Social Security card locked up at home to shredding sensitive documents to using comprehensive security software such as McAfee® Total Protection.

But first things first: Discover your ID theft risk profile with the McAfee Identity Theft Risk Assessment Tool.

1Federal Trade Commission’s About Identity Theft microsite

2Javelin Research & Strategy: 2009 Identity Fraud Survey Report

3Javelin Research & Strategy: 2009 Identity Fraud Survey Report

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