Virus Profile: Cat-Colonic hoax

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Risk Assessment: Home N/A | Corporate N/A
Date Discovered: 3/1/1999
Date Added: 8/19/1999
Origin: N/A
Length: N/A
Type: Hoax
Subtype: E-mail
DAT Required: N/A

Virus Characteristics


McAfee AVERT would like to inform you of a new email HOAX.

This email message is just a HOAX, currently we know of no other message that the user will receive about the HOAX as the initial email states. AVERT has not received any report of a user's hard drive being erased for opening the email.

We are advising users who receive the email to delete it and DO NOT pass it on as this is how an email HOAX propagates.

Below is the actual text from the message that may be received via email.

In case you receive an e-mail titled "How to Give a Cat a Colonic" DO NOT open it. It will erase everything on your hard drive.Forward this message to as many people as you can. This is a new,very malicious virus and not many people know about it. This information was announced yesterday morning by IBM; please share it with everyone in your address book so that the spreading of the virus may be stopped. This is a very dangerous virus and there is no remedy for it at this time. Please practice cautionary measures and forward this to all you on-line friends ASAP.


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