Virus Profile: W97M/Jany.a

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Risk Assessment: Home Low | Corporate Low
Date Discovered: 11/14/1999
Date Added: 11/15/1999
Origin: N/A
Length: N/A
Type: Virus
Subtype: Macro
DAT Required: 4054
Removal Instructions


This is a virus detection. Viruses are programs that self-replicate recursively, meaning that infected systems spread the virus to other systems, which then propagate the virus further. While many viruses contain a destructive payload, it's quite common for viruses to do nothing more than spread from one system to another.

Indication of Infection

Macro warning if opening infected document, increase in size to global template. Creation or modification of .ini files as mentioned above. Message boxes as described above.

Methods of Infection

Opening infected documents will infect global template Infected documents sent to users online via Pirch and mIRC.

Virus Characteristics

This is a virus for Word 97 documents. It is able to replicate under the SR-1 release of Word 97. It will turn off the macro warning feature of Word 97. This virus consists of a module called "Jany_2000". This virus will implement mIRC and Pirch to send infected documents when logging into channels after connecting to the Internet via modified script files. This virus also has message boxes which are displayed on specific dates. This virus uses exports the Visual Basic source code to a temp file named C:\JANY2000.DLL for use later during infection routine, where the code is imported to the document or global template.

This virus hooks the system event of opening Word97 by the subroutine "autoopen" thereby running its code. Other system events hooked are "autoclose" and "autonew". Attempts to use menu items of the same name within Word97 will run the macro code routine. Attempts to view the macro code will give a message box with the text "No code too see!" (typo).

Comments within the virus which are never shown:

'V_Name = [JANY2000]
'Author = [Del_Armg0]
'Date = [14nov99]
'Type = [W97MacroVirus/Mirc_Pirch_Worm/NoDestructor!/AndAlwaysForAGirl;)]
'GreetZ = [Jany, Secret aka Stram ! ;), Phage, all_on_#vxtrader&vx-vtc, Fa, Elsa, Soph&Franck, &marie42_]

After infecting the global template, the current and active document is saved as different file names in the C:\WINDOWS path as "Jany_is_cute.doc", "Jany_is_Sweet.doc", "Jany2000.doc" and "PASSWORDS.doc".

Script files are also written to the local machine as "c:\mirc\script.ini", "c:\pirch32\events.ini" and "c:\pirch98\events.ini".

When signing onto mIRC channel(s), the two files "C:\WINDOWS\Jany_is_cute.doc" and "C:\WINDOWS\Jany_is_Sweet.doc" are sent to all users on the channel with the message "Jany2000 HI!!! Une Jany Virtuelle, c deja ca!!! ;)".

When connecting to Pirch channel(s), the two files "C:\WINDOWS\Jany2000.doc" and "C:\WINDOWS\PASSWORDS.DOC" are sent to all users with the message "A Del_Armg0 Ripped! Script 4 Jany".

Below are listings of the different message boxes displayed. The warning on the 31st is a hoax however and no damage will occur to the computer.

On 1st of any month, this message is displayed:
"Lorsque tout me ravit, J'ignore"
"Si quelque chose me seduit."
"Elle eblouit comme l'Aurore"
"Et console comme la Nuit;"

On 2nd of any month, this message is displayed:
"Et l'harmonie est trop exquise,"
"Qui gouverne tout son beau corps,"
"Pour que l'impuissante analyse"
"En note les nombreux accords."

On 31st of the month, this message is displayed:
"U're going now to be Destroyed ! Sorry, but if u ShutDown, u won't restart, believe me ! ; )" "But U can Do one Thing... if u're able to save 25 .doc in 1 minutes, i leave u alone... almost... C u :) hehehe ... Del_ !"

On Feb 14, this message is displayed: "Pire que tout l'Amour-Propre et la Fierte,... Mais l'Amour reste Pur, Sage & Eternel... La Vie n'en est pas moins dure... 1000BaiserS a toi... & Happy St Valentin à vous toutes que j'Aime tant", "Fa_luv_U"

On May 15, this message is displayed:
"Et l'harmonie est trop exquise Qui gouverne tout son beau corps, Pour que l'impuissante analyse En note les nombreux accords."

On Nov 8, this message is displayed:
"Lorsque tout me ravit, J'ignore"
"Si quelque chose me seduit."
"Elle eblouit comme l'Aurore"
"Et console comme la Nuit;"

On Dec 31, this message is displayed: "WAAA!!! YEAR2000 Tomorrow!!! Great no?¿ I Guess yes!!! Et je te souhaite que ces années 2000 soient fastes, heureuses, et pleines de surprises cools ; ) Bises!!!"

English translation of this message is "WAAA!!! Year2000 Tomorrow!!! Great no? I Guess yes!!! And I wish you that this year 2000 will be happy and filled with cool surprises; North winds!!! "

All Users :
Script,Batch,Macro and non memory-resident:
Use current engine and DAT files for detection and removal.

PE,Trojan,Internet Worm and memory resident :
Use specified engine and DAT files for detection. To remove, boot to MS-DOS mode or use a boot diskette and use the command line scanner:


Additional Windows ME/XP removal considerations

Users should not trust file icons, particularly when receiving files from others via P2P clients, IRC, email or other mediums where users can share files.

AVERT Recommended Updates :

* Office2000 Updates

* Malformed Word Document Could Enable Macro to Run Automatically (Information/Patch )

* scriptlet.typelib/Eyedog vulnerability patch

* Outlook as an email attachment security update

* Exchange 5.5 post SP3 Information Store Patch 5.5.2652.42 - this patch corrects detection issues with GroupShield

For a list of attachments blocked by the Outlook patch and a general FAQ, visit this link .
Additionally, Network Administrators can configure this update using an available tool - visit this link for more information .

It is very common for macro viruses to disable options within Office applications for example in Word, the macro protection warning commonly is disabled. After cleaning macro viruses, ensure that your previously set options are again enabled.


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