Virus Profile: Join The Crew Hoax

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Virus Profile information details
Risk Assessment: Home N/A | Corporate N/A
Date Discovered: 3/1/1999
Date Added: 1/20/2000
Origin: N/A
Length: N/A
Type: Hoax
Subtype: E-mail
DAT Required: N/A

Virus Characteristics

This is NOT an actual virus.
Below is a copy of the actual text which was passed around.

Take note !

Someone got an e-mail, titled as JOIN THE CREW and it has erased his hard drive. Please do not open up any mail that has this title. This is a new e-mail virus and not a lot of people know about it, just let everyone know, so they won't be a victim.

Please e-mail this to everyone you know!!!

Remember the title : JOIN THE CREW - Make sure you do not "JOIN THE CREW" that have lost there entire HD

Please ignore and delete this message.

This is a hoax because viruses are not carried in e-mail messages. Viruses must be transmitted as an attachment to a message.

By receiving the message you are not in any danger. Every attachment should always be saved and scanned before executing.

Delete any "JOIN THE CREW" e-mail message and DO NOT forward it to anyone. You will only propagate the hoax.

Indication of Infection

Not applicable.

Methods of Infection

Not applicable.

Removal Instructions

Users should either ignore or delete messages received matching this description.


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