Virus Profile: Ghost.exe Hoax

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Virus Profile information details
Risk Assessment: Home N/A | Corporate N/A
Date Discovered: 3/1/1999
Date Added: 1/26/2000
Origin: N/A
Length: N/A
Type: Hoax
Subtype: E-mail
DAT Required: N/A

Virus Characteristics

This is NOT an actual virus.

The file Ghost.exe program was distributed as a harmless screen saver created by Access Softek. This program which contained advertising information, opened a window to show a Halloween scene. It was complete with flying ghost and a graveyard. On Friday the 13th, the program title bar would change and the ghosts would fly out of their window and around the screen. This program concerned many people and soon the cute program was thought of to be a Trojan. This is not the case. Ghost.exe has no damaging code in its original state.


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