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Risk Assessment: Home Low | Corporate Low
Date Discovered: 9/25/2001
Date Added: 9/25/2001
Origin: The Netherlands
Length: 0
Type: Hoax
Subtype: E-mail
DAT Required: N/A

Virus Characteristics


McAfee AVERT Labs would like to inform you of an email HOAX.

The !0000 Hoax is mainly circulating in the Netherlands. The e-mail content contains a "trick" for stopping mass-mailing routines used by e-mail worms.

The basic idea behind the "trick" is to create a dummy e-mail contact entry which would be named so that it would be first in the address book list, without an actual associated e-mail address. In theory, this contact would come up before any valid contacts, and would fail when accessed by a mass-mailer because it has no e-mail address thus giving the user the option to stop the mass-mailing. This trick might work for some mass-mailing worms, but it wouldn't stop the majority of worms which use e-mail to spread.

We are advising users who receive the email to delete it and DO NOT pass it on as this is how an email HOAX propagates.

Below are some examples of the actual text for this message that may be received via email.

(Dutch version)

(English version)

Subject: Neat Trick

Again, if you receive this email delete it and DO NOT pass it on.


Removal Instructions

Ignore or delete this email and do not forward it to others.

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