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McAfee's 12-step Frammer Recovery Program

  1. Admit that you have a problem with forwarding junk emails to family, friends and colleagues
  2. Admit that framming is not a healthy hobby
  3. Admit to the world and yourself the full extent of your problem with your urge to create and forward spam
  4. Make a decision to stop sending and/or forwarding spam to family, friends and colleagues
  5. Make a detailed inventory of all the dumb emails you have forward in the past
    (Note: the time you spend doing this will not nearly approximate the time you have caused others to waste in viewing your fram!)
  6. Make an inventory of the all people in your email address book and put them all into a folder titled "I Will Not Fram these People"
  7. Make a promise to delete ALL the spam that you receive
  8. Make a promise to delete ALL the fram that you receive from another frammer
  9. Make an honest attempt to make amends to the people you have frammed by sending them flowers or candy (real ones not any cheap, virtual stuff!)
  10. Through prayer and meditation try to understand that your sense of humor and ideas of what is “awesome” may differ from the rest of the adult world
  11. Make a serious attempt to stop believing everything you read online to be absolute truth
    (Note: The great, grand children of Walt Disney are not really giving away his fortune. Honest.)
  12. Having had an awakening as the result of these steps, please do not, we repeat, DO NOT email this 12-Step program to other frammers…on second thought, why not fight fire with fire?!

* = Frammers are people who forward to family, friends and colleagues spam that is often cutesy, dopey, sappy, and rarely really funny, inspiring or “awesome.”

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