The ABCs of Safely Shopping Online


A. A first step is to make sure you have up-to-date, comprehensive security software like McAfee Internet Security or McAfee Total Protection before you do any online shopping. This will greatly reduce the risk of contracting a virus or some other form of malware and help you avoid dangerous web sites.

B. Before you do any buying, your next step to ensure you have a satisfactory online shopping experience is to use a safe search and safe surf guide like McAfee SiteAdvisor. This tool will alert you to web sites that are known to be risky or employ fraudulent tactics like phishing to trick you into revealing your personal and financial data.

C. Every day McAfee SECURE protects millions of visitors to thousands of e-commerce web sites. Always look for the McAfee SECURE certification when shopping.It looks like this:McAfee SECURE

D. Don’t use debit cards for online purchases, use credit cards. With credit cards, you can dispute fraudulent charges and by law your liability is limited. With debit cards, the money comes directly out of your account and getting the cash back can be difficult.

E. Encryption is another key to secure Internet purchases. Secure sites have a key or closed lock displayed in the web browser. Another way to know if a site is secure is by checking the web address (URL). It should begin with "https" not just "http." If you are at all unsure, then phone the company and provide your sensitive information via voice communication.

F. Feel free to enjoy the convenience and other benefits from online shopping after learning and following the ABCs of safely shopping online.

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