Meet the Most Unwanted Identity Thieves


Spring 2011 — Security News and Advice

You’ve heard about crooks that steal your personal information and use as it as their own, causing you to lose money, credit, and even your reputation. Well, now you can put faces and names to the crimes with the Most Unwanted List of identity thieves featured on the McAfee Facebook page. Visit the Most Unwanted Tab to see profiles of thieves such as Tim “The Skim” McCash and Francis Scott Keylogger, and then learn how to protect yourself from their sneaky ways.

Whether it’s an offline crook who steals your mail, like Dumpster Diver Dan, or a slick character like Tony “Big Phish” Morgan who uses phishing to obtain your personal and financial information, we give you the lowdown on their tricks and how to avoid them.

Identity theft is a serious problem that can happen to anyone, even children. By obtaining just a few critical details about your life, including your name, date of birth, and Social Security number, criminals can pose as you to obtain your money, credit, and medical and Social Security benefits. They can even commit crimes using your identity and leave you with a criminal record.

But you don’t have to be a victim if you take the time to learn about identity thieves and how they perpetrate their crimes. Check out our Facebook Page to make sure you don’t get taken in by the Most Unwanted.

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