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Facts, Stats, and Stories


Fram is spam - forwarded to you by family, friends and colleagues. More often than not, what you receive is sickeningly sweet, ridiculously dopey or just plain untrue. It is rarely useful, funny, inspiring or “awesome.”

Stats of Small Sample (60) Survey (early April ’08):

  • 81% find fram annoying to some degree
    • 11% consider it a major annoyance
  • 84% get frammed on a regular basis (daily or weekly)
  • Nearly 70% of respondents get between 1 to 5 pieces of fram weekly
  • 16% get 10 or more pieces of fram every seven days
  • 89% of people who took the survey have at least one serial frammer in their personal network
  • A large majority (75%) spend up to 30 minutes a week opening, reading and deleting fram. 13% spend up to 60 minutes doing the same per week, which adds up to 52 hours a year spent dealing with fram
  • The most common types of fram received are jokes and cartoons, and the pseudo-inspirational emails with gooey sentimental stories and bad poetry.
  • When asked why they don’t ask the frammer in their network to stop, 28% say they are afraid of hurting their loved one’s feelings. A 10% have told their frammer to stop and still they continue to get frammed by the individual.
  • Were McAfee to run a campaign to stamp out fram, most prefer the slogan “Forward Responsibly” and followed by “Be Nice, Think Twice Before You Press the Forward Button.”
  • More than 11% think they themselves might be considered a serial frammer

Fram Frustration - Anecdotal Stories

“In 6 weeks of tracking, I received 45 pieces of fram email. This spam forwarded to me by my step-mother and father. I’d say something to them but I don’t want to lose my inheritance!” – Richard M.

“The problem I’ve had with fram in the past is that while managing it, deleting it, I accidentally deleted a very important email and I didn’t realize until much later. It was a mad scrabble to get it back.” – John B.

“I have had my computer infected twice and both times came as a result of opening fram email from my brother…” – Michael R.

Need help telling the frammer in your network to stop? McAfee can help – visit here.

Interesting Fram Facts
In Norwegian, the word “fram” means “forward.”
The Frim-Fram Sauce” is a famous jazz song. Note: there is not such thing as “frim-fram sauce.”

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