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Tips on How to Get a Frammer to Stop


Everyone knows that one of the biggest problems with the Internet and email is spam. As defined by McAfee experts, spam is unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages. It seems everyone has at least one person in their personal network who constantly forwards cutesy, dopey, sappy, rarely really funny nor interesting spam.

So how do you get people to stop framming you?

Asking an individual to drop you from their email blast list, doesn’t seem to work very often. So what can you do to end the blight of fram without losing friendships or poisoning relationships?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take the time to explain to the frammers in your life what fram is, and that you don’t appreciate receiving it
  • Encourage the “frammer” to take the time to personalize email before they forward it
  • Don’t believe every email you read, and try to verify the most outlandish emails and inform the frammer of their bogus nature, if and when you find them to be untrue
  • Practice what you preach: Don’t be a frammer. Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Then hit the delete button. Just don’t forward spam

Do you have anything I can copy and send to the person who is framming me?

Yes. Consider personalizing the response to a frammer (below). This reply was written by one of our McAfee colleagues when he began to be frammed by a woman he only dated once. After receiving fram with the subject line "FW: Awesome photo" and this photo that is not awesome, cute maybe, but definitely not "awesome":

Cute Animal

Copy and Paste this in a Reply to a Frammer

Dear [enter frammers name here],

After chatting with a few of my close colleagues, we've come to the conclusion that one of the worst kinds of spam happening today is the junk forwarded by loved ones or friends.

It seems everyone has at least one person in their personal network who constantly forwards cutesy, dopey, sappy, rarely really funny or interesting spam.

McAfee, a leader in PC and Internet protection, calls this spam forwarded to you by family and friends fram and considers it a possible security risk. Check out their web site:

So I want you to know that though I enjoy getting email from you with your own words and thoughts expressly written for me, I would ask you to please take me off you email blast list, because I don't appreciate fram and don’t have the time to sort it out of email that I really want to read. Thank you for understanding.

Please forward responsibly,
[your name or an alias if you are too chicken to put your own]

Is there anything else I can do to curb the amount of fram I receive?

Online, as part of your signature, you could include something like:

  • My company strictly prohibits the receipt of fram.
  • I do not accept fram.
  • This is fram-free email zone
  • Budda Bing, Budda Bam, please don't send me fram!
  • Currently not accepting fram, thank you.
  • No fram, thank you, ma'am!
  • Add a McAfee “Please Forward Responsibly” banner

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