Mobile Security

Why You Need Mobile Protection

What is Mobile Security?


Your Mobile Says It All

Our mobile devices are getting smarter and smarted, but when it comes to protecting them, are we?

10 Quick Tips to Mobile Security

We use our mobile devices for almost everything these days, from communicating to shopping and banking, but their growing popularity has attracted new threats. Mobile users now face mobile malware, malicious applications designed to steal money and information, and risks associated with loss and theft. Learn how to protect your device and your information with our Mobile Security E-Guide.

Mobile Security

What’s on Your Phone?

What’s on Your Phone?

If you’re like most of us, you keep your personal photos, contacts, and calendar on your phone, not to mention account logins and other personal information you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. So, the question is do you have mobile security? Learn about the risks and how to protect your phone in this fun video.


Featured Safety Tip:

Do your research to avoid bad apps
Before downloading an app, check other users’ ratings and read reviews of the publishers. It’s always best to install apps that are in broad use or are recommended by your friends and colleagues.

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The Ultimate Security:

McAfee® Mobile Security 

McAfee® Mobile Security

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