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What is a spam?

Spam is an email message sent to multiple recipients who did not ask to receive it. Email messages are not considered spam if a user has signed up to receive them or if they come from a trusted source.

Why is it a problem?

Internet Fraud On first glance, many unsolicited commercial offers may seem both legitimate and compelling. Unfortunately, these offers lead to deceptive websites, set up to capture credit card information for the purposes of online fraud. Unsuitable Content Spam email can disguise itself with harmless subject lines, only to reveal pornographic material within the message body. While preventing children from viewing unsuitable content is important for parents, businesses must also address the legal liabilities associated with pornographic material being sent to an employee's inbox.

Why do I need AntiSpam software?

Spam protection, also known as AntiSpam helps keep you and your family or business safe from dangerous website spoofs that can lead to your PC, potentially compromise your identity, and threaten the security of what you value.

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Share your e-mail address with only trusted sources.
Only your family, friends, and trusted business contacts should have your personal e-mail address. Do not post your e-mail address on Web sites, forums, or in chat rooms.

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