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The 12 Scams of the HolidaysThe 12 Scams of the Holidays

The holidays are full of online shopping and sharing, making it the perfect time for bad guys to spread their scams. Don’t let the cyber Grinches steal your holiday fun! Get familiar with these common online scams, and stay safe during the holidays and year-round. Protect your holiday fun now

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How to Protect Your Phone,
and Your Peace of Mind

How to Protect Your Phone, and Your Peace of Mind Admit it—your mobile phone is like your right hand, and you’re not sure what you would do without it!
That’s why it’s important that you learn how to protect your phone, and the information stored on it. Follow these simple tips for mobile peace of mind.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your
Security Software Updated

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Security Software UpdatedKeeping current with news and trends is one thing, but keeping your security software up-to-date is absolutely
critical. Learn how to protect your computer and devices from the latest threats with these helpful tips.

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What is SMiShing?

What is SMiShing?SMiShing may sound like a funny word, but it can pose a serious threat to your personal information. Discover how cybercriminals are using dangerous text messages to lure you into revealing information, and how to avoid falling for this scam.

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