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How to Stop Online Grinches From Stealing Your Holidays

How to Stop Online Grinches From Stealing Your HolidaysMillions of you will hit your keyboards this holiday season, looking for the perfect gift and the best deals. But will you be safe? The answer is yes, provided you use a little bit of street smarts and the right tools to protect yourself.

Read our safe shopping tips to have a happy holiday online

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12 Scams of the Holidays

12 Scams of the HolidaysHow does modern-day Scrooge ruin the holidays? By tricking you with online scams designed to take both your information and money. Protect yourself this holiday season.

Learn how to avoid the holiday scams

Protect Your Precious Memories and Critical Data—Effortlessly

Protect Your Precious Memories and Critical Data�EffortlesslyIf you're like most people, you know it's important to back up your computer files, yet you probably don't do it. Here's a solution that takes the hassles out of backing up all your valuable digital files.

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Identity Theft is Coming Your Way—Are You Ready?

Identity Theft is Coming Your Way�Are You Ready?Every 79 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft. Make sure you are not one of these people. Find out how what you are doing may be putting you and your family at risk and how you can protect yourself.

Assess your risk for identity theft now

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