Extend your McAfee Total Protection for Free*

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McAfee Total Protection

Activate your free 12-month extension in three simple steps

Thank you for choosing McAfee Total Protection software to protect your new PC. As part of the PC service provided by Tech Depot Services at Office Depot, you are eligible to receive 12 extra months of McAfee Total Protection for free. You can activate your extension in three simple steps.

  1. Cut and Paste the following Promo Code in the shopping cart:
  2. Log in to your McAfee Account
    Use the email address and password information you provided to the Office Depot Tech Depot Services representative
  3. Enter your credit card and billing information
    This information will be kept securely on your account so you can easily renew your subscription each year.

That's it. You then have twelve extra months free of McAfee security for your PC, with continual data updates and product enhancements as they become available.

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To extend your McAfee protection
Promo Code: L8372AC38CL7BC36

* 12 months McAfee security software with PC service. The additional 12 months from McAfee requires registering your software. Valid credit card required.