Virus Profile: W32/Areses.dr

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Risk Assessment: Home Low | Corporate Low
Date Discovered: 4/24/2006
Date Added: 4/24/2006
Origin: N/A
Length: varies
Type: Virus
Subtype: Dropper
DAT Required: 4747
Removal Instructions


W32/Areses.dr arrives in a spammed email and contains a copy of the W32/Areses@MM worm, usually as an .HTA attachment. Upon executing the attachment it drops and executes its payload.

Indication of Infection

Upon execution, it drops its payloads and executes it.


Methods of Infection

W32/Areses.dr arrives as a spammed attachment.

Aliases (Kaspersky), I-Worm/Scano (AVG), W32.Areses.Q!vbs (Symantec), W32/Bagle-GY (Sophos), Win32.Scano.AL@mm.VBS (BitDefender)

Virus Characteristics

W32/Areses.dr arrives in a spammed email and contains a copy of the W32/Areses@MM worm, usually as an .HTA attachment. 
An example of spammed email it arrives as in is shown below:


A combination of the latest DATs and the Engine will be able to detect and remove this threat. AVERT recommends users not to trust seemingly familiar or safe file icons, particularly when received via P2P clients, IRC, email or other media where users can share files.



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