Virus Profile: Android/SmsSpy.A

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Risk Assessment: Home Low | Corporate Low
Date Discovered: 5/24/2012
Date Added: 3/18/2013
Origin: Unknown
Length: N/A
Type: PUP
Subtype: Spyware
DAT Required: N/A
Removal Instructions


Android/SmsSpy.A logs incoming and outgoing SMS message to a certain file, and uploads the file to a FTP server

Indication of Infection

Monitors the incoming and outgoing SMS messages to a certain file.
Posts the file to a FTP server.

Methods of Infection

This PUP requires that the user intentionally install it upon the device. As always, users should never install applications from unknown or un-trusted android markets.

Virus Characteristics

Android/SmsSpy.A is distributed as an apk file, it leaves an icon after its installation but this will be removed after its first run. The user will not know the running of the spyware.

Android/SmsSpy.A runs at background, it monitors the incoming and outgoing SMS messages, logs them to a file in the sd-card, in a XML formatted. Then Android/SmsSpy.A uploads the file to a FTP server periodically.

The hacker needs to call a special number to launch the configuration UI. The FTP server address, interval of the uploading and the special number to be called are configurable.

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